RE: Oppose HB 451   

Dear Representative __________:

I am writing you today because I am concerned with House Bill 451, a measure that would require
mandatory spaying/neutering of dogs and cats four months of age or older with little exception.  I
am a responsible dog owner and I oppose this legislation.

(Personalize here – tell about yourself as a dog owner. How many years have you been involved
with dogs? What breeds have you owned? How much do you spend yearly on your dog(s)? How
would you feel if your opportunity to get your dog(s) from a responsible local breeder was

Mandatory spay/neuter is an ineffective solution to animal control problems because it fails to
address the heart of the issue—irresponsible ownership.  These laws are extremely difficult to
enforce and can be evaded by irresponsible animal owners who will not license their pets. It will
hurt responsible breeders like me who raise healthy, well cared-for dogs and work to ensure that
these puppies are placed with responsible owners.  Passage of HB 451 will make it almost
impossible for Floridians to obtain pets locally from responsible Florida breeders.

Responsible owners who are already complying with local animal control laws will be unfairly
punished by HB 451, while irresponsible owners will continue to make problems for the community
and local shelters.  Concentrating animal control and educational efforts on irresponsible owners
whose behavior demonstrates that they are a problem for the community would be a much better
use of taxpayer funds.

I respectfully ask that you support responsible owners and breeders by opposing HB 451.


John Smith
1234 Main Street
Los Angeles, CA